Hi, I’m Jillian! Welcome to my beauty review blog with a bit of life thrown into the mix as well.  (Hence the name) I have a slight obsession with beauty products and figured a blog was a great excuse to try out new products. I currently live in Tampa, Florida with my fiancé, our 1-year old son and our 2 cats. If you have any questions about me or any suggestions on products I should try please feel free to email me at Jillian@linerlipsticklife.com

Beauty Stats:

Hair: One word: Greasy. It is pretty in the middle in terms of thickness, but it could be considered slightly on the thin side. However I have A LOT of hair. Whatever it may lack in thickness it makes up for in amount. Due to this it is also tangles very easy.

Face: Combination. The typical t-zone area can become quite greasy however my chin easy becomes dry without a proper routine.

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