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Summer is here!! There are many things I love about summer; the beach, pool parties, and vacations. You know what I don’t love about summer….. shaving. I can’t stand shaving. My hair grows back so fast that I feel like I spend a lifetime shaving! Recently I stumbled upon some products that allow me to dislike shaving just a little bit less.

This first product is a result of reading this article: 13 Shaving Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier (and Legs Smoother). Some of the tips are common sense things and some are just too time-consuming for my taste. One that struck me though, was the tip to exfoliate before shaving. I had never thought of that before and I just so happened to have a scrub in my stockpile. It came in a gift set and I wasn’t totally sure when I’d ever use it. It is the Soap & Glory The Scrub Of Your Life Body Buffer. So I put it in my shower to try out this whole pre-shave exfoliate tip.

Scrub of your Life - Tools to a Smooth Shave - Liner Lipstick Life

I lather this scrub on my legs and underarms, rinse then shave. Man did I notice a difference! Even on the first use. The actual act of shaving was the same but the results were not. My legs seemed more smooth and bright then they ever have. I had an even more noticeable difference with my underarms though.

Speaking of underarms….I’m just going to go there. No one like talking about them. Underarms, armpits, whatever you call them they just seem to be the pits. (pun intended hehe) They are a weird, sweaty, possibly smelly part of the body society doesn’t talk about much. Why am I going off on a tangent about armpits you ask? That is because the Scrub of You Life should be re-named The Scrub of Your Armpits Life. It has taken the yucky, taboo underarm area and turned it into real skin again!  Before, no matter what I did, my underarms always had a gray tint to them. Totally gross, I know. It was like I had a permanent five o’clock shadow. Not anymore! I am now a total ‘exfoliate before you shave’ convert.

The next product is something one of my favorite bloggers recommend. Kate is the first blogger I ever started following and she usually has great product suggestions. Last year she posted her summer favorites and the shave cream she mentioned really piqued my interest. I know what your thinking…. shave cream, yawn. Boring old me used to never stray from the pink Skintimate that every woman has used at some point in their life. Since we are talking about shave cream here, I didn’t run out to buy it or order it online. The next time I walked past it while shopping at Target I immediately put it in my cart. It is the eos Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream and I got the Vanilla Bliss scent.

EOS Shave Cream - Tools for a Smooth Shave - Liner Lipstick Life Blog

The bottle I bought said “Our smoothest shave ever” and that is 100% true for me. I’m not sure I’ve ever left the shower with more smooth legs. It is so moisturizing that I think you could skip the after shower lotion if you wanted. I was worried that I would need to use a lot of product since this is a cream instead of the gel I was used to. I do use slightly more product at a time but the cream texture cuts down on the waste of those gel pumps. This is only on my first bottle and it is lasting longer than I had anticipated.

Ok ladies, time to go show off some smooth skin. I know I will be enjoying my skirts and swimsuits a little more now that I have some great tools for smooth skin.

Are there any other scrubs you live for? Let me know in the comments below.

2 Easy products for a Smooth Summer Shave - Liner Lipstick Life

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