InvisiBobble Hair Ring Review – Success or Fail?

While browsing the Sephora site for something little add on to my order I can across this, the Invisibobble:

invisibobble hair ring review - Liner Lipstick Life

Has anyone else seen this floating around the internet? This wasn’t the first time I had seen this either. It had previously popped up on my FB feed, probably through Glamor or Total Beauty. In my 34 years, I have yet to find a hair tie that I actually love. I have so much hair that my ponytail always sags and looks lifeless so I am always on the look out for a good hair tie. (By the way, I’ve tried the bobby pin trick which worked but tears the shit out of my scalp but that is for another day or another blog post.)

I looked at these and initially thought they were really gimmicky. How could something that looks like an old fashion telephone cord keep my hair up well? Yet there was a part of me was like “Wouldn’t it be fun if these actually worked!” So I had to know. For $8 I was willing to take the chance. Not to mention it comes with 3 for that price.


This is what it claims:

Invisibobble Hair Ring Review - Claims - Liner Lipstick Life

Sephora also has the following on their site:

Key benefits:
– No kinks after wearing a ponytail
– Diminishes risk of headaches, split ends, and hair breakage
– Made of hygienic non-soaking material

My Results

Being completely honest… I absolutely HATED this the first time I used it. I always give something a few tries before I saw its no good so I drudged on.

The packaging does not claim ‘no kinks’ even though the Sephora site does. If you are looking for something that doesn’t leave that dreaded ponytail line, this is not the product for you. The first time I used it I ended up with a gigantic crease. As I used it, the band did stretch out and the crease decreased but it was still there.

Never have I been one to get headaches from my pony tails so I can not attest to that claim. I will agree that it is hair caring. No matter the type of hair band I use I will always, always get hair breakage when I take down my hair. Not with this one!! Due to the coil design of it, my hair doesn’t seem to wrap around it as easily. A small amount of breakage still does happen but not nearly as much.

The claim of a strong grip is very true. As previously mentioned, hair bands always slip from my hair leaving my ponytail looking droopy and sloppy. With the Invisibobble my hair did not fall at all. It really is the only hair tie that stayed up the entire day. Because of the grip and the thickness, my ponytail stayed up and bouncy. It is definitely not ‘traceless’, at least not for me. Anyone could see it in my hair. I think this claim is for when you use it as an up-do tool. I have not tried it with any hairstyle other than a ponytail.

Invisibobble Hair Ring Review - Liner Lipstick Life Blog

The only downside to these that would discourage me from purchasing again would be that they do stretch out, sometimes rather quickly. When you first take them out of your hair you might be scared at just how much it stretched out. It does shrink back down after a day or so but never to the way it was right out of the box.

Invisibobble Hair Ring Review - Liner Lipstick Life Blog

Success or Fail?

The Invisibobble will not be the hair tie I reach for the most but I do like having it available to use. It definitely serves it purpose and lives up to most of what it claims to do. Success!

Has anyone else tried this? Let me know if it worked for you below.


Invisibobble Hair Ring Review - Liner Lipstick Life Blog

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  1. beautychaos

    I haven’t tried this one yet, but I definitely will give it a go. My ponytails always slide down the back of my head within a few hours, so I’m interested to see if this will hold up.

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