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The winter months can wreak havoc on our skin. As far as my skin goes I am pretty lucky besides some extra hand lotion, I don’t need to add anything to my normal routine. My lips, however, are a whole other story. I have dry lips all year long but winter makes my chapped lips unbearable. Cracked, bleeding lips are no fun, especially when you want to wear liquid lipstick!

After years of trying all kinds of different lip products, I have finally found 3 that keep my chapped lips under control. I am such a slacker when it comes to skin & beauty regimes but these products are so simple and easy even I can keep up with them. I find that my nighttime routine makes the biggest difference.


I always put my lip products on right after I’ve washed my face in the morning. Mornings are super simple, I only typically use one product, First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lip Therapy.

Chapped Lip Essentials - Ultra Repair Lip Therapy - Liner Lipstick Life


Before going to bed I use more uncompromising products, you know, ones that pack more punch. These two products together make up the holy-grail of chapped lips relief.

A few times a week I start off by massaging Fresh Sugar Lip polish on my lips, before washing my face. I leave it on while I wash my face and then rinse off both the scrub and face cleanser at the same time. The lip scrub is so gentle that I was really skeptical when I first opened it. It is literally like rubbing sugar candy on your lips. Even while I was using it for the first time I was thinking, “Yeah, I’ll probably end up giving this away or throwing it out.” I was convinced that this product was going to die a slow death in the back of my medicine cabinet. After the second use, it was like a complete 180 and I definitely think I will be repurchasing this many times over.

Chapped Lip Essentials - Sugar Lip Polish - Liner Lipstick Life

Once I rinse the sugar polish off, my lips feel like they already have a layer of lip balm on. That blows my mind. You could stop there but since my lips are so bad I take it one step further. Every night I use the Bite Beauty Agave lip mask before going to bed. This lip mask is like heaven for the lips!! The Agave lip mask is hands down a life saver for lips. You can not go wrong with it.

Chapped Lip Essentials - Agave Lip Mask - Liner Lipstick Life Blog

Do you have any holy grail lips products you can’t live without? Tell me in the comments below, I’m always open to trying new products.

If you want to fight dryness on your entire face, jump over to see what I’ve said about the Clarisonic.


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      It really is good. I just found out that the Bite agave line came out with a lip balm, I might have to try that next.

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