Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Sweepstakes

About 6 months ago we took O to Disney. This wasn’t his first time there but it was the first time where he really was excited about it. Plus, he was about to turn three so we needed to go before we had to pay for a ticket. (I know all you Florida moms know what I’m talking about.)

Cinderella's castle

For some reason, being there this time reignited my love for Disney. I was always obsessed with Disney movies, and especially the songs from said movies, when I was younger. I guess as I grew up it got to a point where it wasn’t ‘cool’ to enjoy cartoon Disney movies so I just drifted away from them. My favorite as a kid was The Little Mermaid and I would always pretend to be Ariel while swimming in the pool.

The nighttime spectacular at the Magic Kingdom really hit me hard. The parade, the light show, scenes from all the movies and the fireworks just brought it all back together for me. I even teared up at one point.

Nighttime Spectacular - Beauty and the Beast Sweepstakes

As an adult, my favorite Disney film has shifted to Beauty and the Beast. (Belle is even my Disney account princess avatar haha) You can only imagine how excited I am that the new live action movie is coming out Friday! Ekk! When I saw the preview for the first time I got goosebumps just seeing the castle and hearing that familiar music.

Beauty and the Beast poster - Sweepstakes

In order to share my excitement with you, I have partnered with Home Away to bring you a chance to win a vacation to Duns Castle in Scotland. You can basically win a stay in Beast’s castle!

Duns Castle Sunset - Beauty and the Beat sweepstakes

Dunns Castle gardens - Beauty and the Beast Sweepstakes

Dunns Castle - Beauty and the Beast Sweepstakes

Dunns Castle - Beauty and the Beast Sweepstakes

Please note my friends that I may receive a small commission for you entering. Also, see sweepstakes site for rules and conditions. Click here to enter:

Good luck to everyone entering! I will also be hoping to win.

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