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RocksBox Jewelry Subscription

All through my blogging hiatus I was still receiving my Rocksbox subscription and I am going to try and catch up on posting my previous boxes. This has been pretty much that only box that I felt every piece fit together as a entire look. Usually each piece of jewelry matches in some way but they all seem a bit separate from each other.

Even with that, I did only purchase one item of the trio. I like the set but I am really trying to be well behaved with my spending and only purchasing things that I LOVE. This is why I love this service, I get to have these items in my home and see if I’ll really grab them and wear them. I send back quite of bit of stuff I really like just for the fact that I didn’t gravitate to it or I just couldn’t fit it into my style.

Enough rambling, here is what I received:



Lotus Jewelry Studio Petal Necklace in Sterling Silver:

RocksBox Necklace

*This looks gold in this picture due to cruddy lighting. It really is silver.

I really love this necklace! This is the one piece that I did end up buying and I wear it often. It is simple and goes with almost anything. It sits on the perfect spot on my neck where I can wear it with the majority of my tops. The sideways tear drop is simple yet really different than anything I had in my collection. My only complaint…. the tiny circles that hold the chain to the tear drop were not melted shut so O was easily able to break this after about 2 wears. It is okay though, I went had it repaired for about $15 while also having the other side reinforced. No more necklace injuries!


Kristine Lily Black in Silver Druzy Quartz Studs:

RocksBox Druzy earrings

I am not one that wears stud earrings often. Actually a lot of studs irritate my sensitive ears so I usually try to stay away from them. I am happy to report these did not cause my ears to become itchy even after wearing them a few days to work. (So ALL day long) I really liked these and seriously considered purchasing them except I wasn’t in love with the color. If these would have been green or blue or pretty much anything other than black I would have jumped on these. In black I felt like they got lost in my long hair and where never seen. (I don’t wear my hair up often)


CC Skye Punk Heiress Ring in Silver:

RocksBox - Sky Punk Ring

RocksBox Sky Punk Ring

The best thing about this ring is that it could be worn in different ways; both rings together, just the bigger ring or just the smaller ring. I found that on my small fingers wearing both rings together just felt awkward. Mostly I would wear only the larger right and even then it felt too bulky for my fingers. When I wore it to work my fingers would be sore by the end of the day! I didn’t love the style of the small ring, and the triangle shapes liked to catch on every.little.thing.

This box my have not totally been my style but there is plenty of other jewelry out there waiting for me to try.

Don’t forget that you can get your first box free with my code: JILLIANBFF78

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