August/September Happenings

August/September Happenings – Liner Lipstick and Life

Hey! I thought I’d do a recap of what we’ve been up to lately. My goal was to do this once a month but as you can see, since I am combining the last 2 months, that it didn’t happen. Blogger fail. It just seems like I have been behind on everything lately, not just blogging. Actually, I’ve been so behind on everything else that blogging has been non-existent. So much for my once a week goal. Anyway, on to the happenings!!



We did the usual summer activities most of August. One of our favorite weekend past-times is riding our bikes up and down the Tampa Riverwalk and stopping at one of the many parks for O to play.

Tampa Riverwalk - August/September Happenings – Liner Lipstick and Life

Waterworks Splash pad - August/September Happenings – Liner Lipstick and Life

Waterworks Park - August/September Happenings – Liner Lipstick and Life

After a trip to Toys R Us, Jason bought O a bike of his own. At 2 years old he is obviously too little for a regular bike so we opted for a convertible balance bike. He had so much fun trying it out at the store that we knew we had to get him one. I thought it would be a great birthday or Christmas present, since both are in the same season, but Jason had other plans in mind.

As soon as it was delivered Jason put it together and we “rode” to the playground.

Toddler balance bike - August/September Happenings – Liner Lipstick and Life

Toddler balance bike - August/September Happenings – Liner Lipstick and Life

We chose the Yvolution Y Velo Flippa in blue. This bike converts between a tricycle with petals or a regular balance bike. We have it set up as the balance bike since O doesn’t have a firm grasp on the whole petal situation. We tried it as a trike without the petals but learned really fast that legs get bumped and bruised that way.

O loves his bike, however we still mainly use his bike seat on my bike for regular outings. For those rides we use the WeeRide LTD Kangaroo Child Bike Seat, which he also loves. O is constantly asking to ride bikes and to wear is Mickey Mouse helmet.

Also in August we went to The Beach. No, I am not talking about the typical Florida beach but a man-made beach made entirely of balls. Basically a gigantic ball pit. This was a exhibit that was previously in Washington D.C. and when the owner of our city’s hockey team saw it he knew he needed to bring it to Tampa. That same owner was even nice enough to pay for the entire exhibit so that everyone could enjoy it for free!!

The Beach Tampa - August/September Happenings – Liner Lipstick and Life

We had a blast!! It was very easy to get sucked under if you weren’t careful so we stuck mainly to the shallow end. Although Jason did brave the deep end.

Unfortunately, August was not all fun and games. Nan, my grandmother, passed away unexpectedly and we traveled to Ft Lauderdale for her funeral. It was very hard on the entire family, no one expected it as Nan was in pretty good health and doing better, mobility-wise, than she had in a long time.

We had traveled to see Nan a few months earlier so O was well aware of who she was. He did really great during this unfortunate time. I didn’t want the trip to be all sadness so I tried and make any non-funeral related time just like it would have been if we were just visiting for fun. That means the beach and the pool.

Beach life - August/September Happenings – Liner Lipstick and Life

Looking for shells - August/September Happenings – Liner Lipstick and Life

Searching for shells with daddy

It was great to have some fun while we were there. I have a lifetime of fond memories at Nan’s, I can only wish that I could pass those fond memories down to O first hand. Of course I am terribly sad about my grand-mom and I am also sad that O won’t be able to grow up spending summers there like I did.


Disney!! We started our September at the happiest place on earth. Labor Day weekend at Walt Disney World, we even stayed on site at “Nemo’s house” according to O. There is way too much to tell for this post so keep an eye out on a full Disney recap post.

Disney's Cinderella's Castle - August/September Happenings – Liner Lipstick and Life
O is officially on his way to becoming a big boy! The crib came out and his big boy Paw Patrol bed is in. He thinks it is the greatest thing on earth and we have been lucky, no random nighttime wandering.
I didn’t manage to take many pictures in September but that doesn’t mean we didn’t do anything. We went to 2 baseball games (Go Rays!), O just loves LOVES baseball. At this point I think I’ve lost count on how many games he’s been to.

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Time to plan Halloween!! Now that summer is coming to a close, what fall activities are you looking forward to? I want to know in the comments below.

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