Summer hair care

Kids may be going back to school but for us in Florida, and a lot of other places, summer is still in full swing. Just because summer vacation is over doesn’t mean summer fun is over. We still have plenty more weekends to enjoy summer activities so I thought I’d share some tidbits on how I care for my hair during this time of year. These tips can also help make your hair a little more manageable if you’ve been rough on it.

Between the salt water and chemicals, water activities like going to the beach or hanging out by the pool can really dry my hair out. In order to counteract this I use more conditioning products then I normally would. My hair is typically very greasy so I usually try to stay away from anything too thick, except after swimming.

summer hair care

As soon as I can after leaving the beach/pool I spray my hair with Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Anti-Breakage Spray. I will not comb my hair out without this! It is light and makes combing through my hair a breeze. I would likely do a ton of damage to my hair is I didn’t use this. It doesn’t help that my hair get extremely tangly when it is wet so I have to make sure it is nice and slick when combing/brushing it. Now for me this product is not a leave-in, go on with my life type of product. It will make my hair greasy and I will need to wash it before going out in public again.

Now on to the shower! I have been really loving the OGX Coconut Milk Shampoo. This shampoo makes my hair more silky and soft than anything else I’ve tried recently. I’ve tried the matching conditioner and while it is nice, it doesn’t detangle my hair enough to keep using it.

One perk about both these product is that they smell like coconut. The smell of coconut always makes me feel like it’s summer so it only makes sense that I would love them in my summer hair routine.

Bonus tip! For any of you ladies that dye your own hair, keep that conditioner that comes in the box. I know you likely use it once and throw it away because that is what I used to do. Don’t do it. Those conditioners are super thick and I would use them after swimming. Sure, my wash wouldn’t last as long but my hair was nice and soft.


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