Our Proposal Story

Blogging has been kind of on the back burning lately as all my focus has been on wedding planning. About 4 months until the big day and I am seriously in hustle mode. What a better way to incorporate some of this wedding brain I have than to share how Jason popped the question. Today is also his birthday so what a great day to showcase the amazing effort he put into this. 

For me it started out as every other day,  a Friday before the Labor day weekend. That night we had made plans to have dinner with another couple at one of our favorite restaurants. We pretty much always walk to this restaurant since it is close to where we live and takes us past some of my favorite spots. While killing time before we had to leave I was watching the news where they showed a nice isolated rain shower headed right for where we would be walking. Typical Florida. Not wanting to walk in the rain I frantically rushed us out of our apartment so we could get there before the rain did. (Little did I know that I almost ruined everything by doing this)

On our walk to the restaurant we have to pass the playground at Curtis Hixon Park (the gem of downtown) and we talked about buying a paver for Owen after he was born knowing full well we would be spending LOTS of time there. While looking at all the different messages people have put on the pavers, Jason pointed out one he wanted me to see. It said “Mrs. future last name?” and the date. I had to do a double take and read it again, and probably again, for my brain to fully comprehend what was happening. As I am trying to process all this Jason is down on one knee holding out a ring.


On top of all that, he had a photographer friend come out and take pictures! (Who he was frantically texting, since I made us leave early, making sure she could be there) She basically popped out from behind a little building and I didn’t even notice right away. She caught the entire proposal on camera. We proceeded to take some photos around the park and up near the restaurant. During these photos I Jason gave me a card that had a hand written note in it from the Hilton hotel where he had booked a weekend stay for us.


Did you forget about dinner yet? Yeah, I sure as hell had. Not only was the other couple there but so was the rest of my family and friends. All waiting to celebrate our engagement. How fun is that!

This was all a total surprise to me and I am almost even more surprised that Jason was able to keep it a secret. He has been known to let surprises slip in the past. He did such a great job, I wouldn’t have asked for anything different!!


All photo’s by Kam’s Photography

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