Product Empties

I have been preparing for this post for a few months now. I have been saving all my empty beauty products in order to show what I have been using. I typically don’t go through a ton of stuff, I have so much that things seem to last forever. Some of these products are my favorites and some were just okay. You might be wondering why I bothered to use a whole container of something I didn’t really like and that is because I have a weird OCD-like need to use things up unless they are really really terrible. Now on to the products.

Current Empties

Garnier Fructis Style Wonder Waves Wave Enhancing Spray

A former coworker of mine gave me this to try after she decided she didn’t like it. I have been using it quite a bit this summer in lieu of blow drying my hair. Mostly because Owen’s sleep has been less than stellar and any more sleep I can get is the plan. I just spray this onto my hair when it is wet and scrunch it up a bit with my fingers and let it air dry.  It wasn’t the best wave spray I’ve tried but it worked fine. It did make my hair a little more crunchy than I’d like but maybe that is because it is technically a hairspray? Maybe? I really don’t know. When I went to search this product online so I could link it to this post, Amazon told me it was a hairspray. Up until this moment I was completely unaware of that since no where on the bottle does it mention the word ‘hairspray’. Wet hair + Hairspray = crunchy hair, makes sense. The joke’s on me I guess. I will say the scent is absolutely amazing!! I might use this product again just for that reason. Anyone know if the other Garnier Fructis style product have this same scent? If so I think I will be trying more from this line.

Redken Fashion Work 12 Hairspray

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am a Redken girl at heart. This is one of my absolute favorite hairsprays. Seeing as this is a “versatile working spray” it doesn’t have the strongest hold if that is what you are looking for. I usually use this when I am wearing my hair down, totally straight and just want a little hold around my face. It has a good amount of hold without weighing my hair down and making it too crispy. I am currently trying out a different light hold hairspray and I already can’t wait to get back to using this.

Clarisonic Refreshing Gel Cleanser

Here we are, back to a Clarisonic product, have you heard me talk about this enough yet? I thought that this was a really great middle of the line cleanser. It wasn’t drying, wasn’t oily, cleaned my face well. I didn’t love it enough to want to keep using it though. If you have sensitive skin I might suggest trying this out if you have some kind of facial brush since it is fragrance free and not harsh at all. If I had to I would definitely use it again however I think I am going to go back to a cleanser that is more suited to me face and its problems.

Mary Kay TimeWise Age-Fighting Eye Cream

I have used this eye cream for many years now. I use it in the mornings after I wash my face and before my makeup. I like this product although I don’t think it is anything spectacular so I have decided to try out some other eye creams now that I ran out. I typically use a heavier eye cream at night but the consistency of this was perfect for the mornings. I have a naturally greasy face so I don’t like to slather on anything that is going to make more grease. This gave me a favorable amount of moisture without it being over the top. I find that too much moisture in the eye area makes my eyeshadow crease no matter how amazing of an eye primer I use.

Sheer Cover Mineral Foundation in Golden

I had this powder for a long, long time. This was one of the first types of mineral foundations I heard about on the market, besides Bare Minerals. It claimed to cover anything without looking cakey. Once again this was something my mom tried and passed down to me after she didn’t use it. I never really got the hang of applying it, so I never got the coverage that was advertised. I used this when I put on a full face as a setting powder, and only when I was really pale. Put on too much and I could end up looking my Casper the ghost. As a setting powder I only used it extremely lightly otherwise it could look cakey, however it did a really good job at keeping the oil from taking over all my makeup.

Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in Precious Pink

I love these eyeshadows! If I use these with a good eye primer they never, never crease. I tried out this color in hopes to replace a previous color that they had discontinued. It didn’t really make the cut for that but it was still a nice color. I usually used this when I wasn’t wearing much makeup. I would just sweep this color on the lid to give it some color. One note on these; depending on the brush you use they can have a lot of fallout on the face. You have been warned.

Mary Kay Lip Liner in Neutral

This technically wasn’t a true empty product however I have been using this kind of lip liner for years. When I was going through an old purse I found this puppy lost away inside a zippered pocket. It had been in there so long that it had literally exploded inside of its packaging. Needless to say I threw it out. Lip liner isn’t really a product that excites me. I feel like I could use any lip liner and be okay with it. I will say I don’t know if I’ll be using this shade again, it came out a tad dark for my liking.


Wow. This post ended up being a lot longer than I had anticipated. Thank you if you’ve made it all the way to here!! I’ll make sure to keep any future posts like this to 2-3 products.

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