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I am a subscription box junkie. If I had the money I would subscribe to them all. No joke.


I started out with Birchbox many years ago when it first started. I liked it but after a year I started getting the same things multiple times and cancelled. I ended up in sample overload. Then a blogger friend of mine, Haley, started post about RocksBox, a jewelry subscription box where you get to try out the pieces before committing to buy them. Mind blown.

You may be asking yourself why this is such a game-changer for me. The answer is because I have very sensitive skin when it comes to the jewelry that touches it. My skin will let me slather on any beauty product I desire without a reaction but put a cheap piece of jewelry on it and it becomes red and itchy. Due to this I prefer to purchase more expensive items, but often times I really love something only to figure out months later that I don’t really reach for it enough.

I currently have an entire chest full of really cute jewelry that irritates my skin. Over the years I’ve found it difficult to find trendy items that didn’t bother my skin. I am hoping that Rocksbox will help me be able to turn collection into fun, cute pieces that I love and I can wear all day without worry. I love that I have unlimited time to keep the pieces and try them with different outfits.

RocksBox is $19.00 a month to ‘rent’ three pieces of jewelry. You can send back and get as many new boxes as you’d like a month or you can keep the box for as long as you want for a the monthly fee. When you sign up you complete a survey to help them determine your style preferences, I was also able to submit a link to a Pinterest board to them for inspriation.

Here is what I received in my first box:

  • Filigree Disc Necklace in Gold. I have a necklace almost exactly the same as this one that I don’t ever wear. So it was a pass on this one.
Courtesy of Rocksbox

Courtesy of

  • Taner Charm Bracelet in Gold. I really loved this bracelet and wanted to keep it but I didn’t. I sent this one back because the part that is supposed to sit on top of your wrist was always, always on the bottom. Damn my freakishly skinny wrists. I would have wanted to have it tightened and I just didn’t see the value in the extra cost.


  • Three Stone Drops in Aqua Druzy. I was torn on these. At first I didn’t like them, but the longer I looked at them the more they grew on me. I tried to wear these with a number of outfits and they just didn’t seem to “go” if you know what I mean. I just couldn’t get them to mesh with my style. Which is a shame because I ended up falling in love with them. These were the most expensive pieces in the box and I couldn’t justify paying that kind of money for earrings I wasn’t going to wear much.


While I ended up sending everything back I would not call my first box a failure. I liked it, it just needed some tweaking. Once you try the pieces you can log onto your account and leave feedback on each piece and general feedback about what you’d like to see.

I can’t wait to see what future boxes have in store for me. If you’d like to try this out you can enter the code¬†JILLIANBFF78¬†and if you are one of the first 3 to sign up you will get your first box free!

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