A blog….Welcome!

A blog? Yes, you read that correctly. I am writing a blog. People who know me are most likely thinking, “Is she crazy?” and that would be a reasonable assumption. I am not a writer or even an outspoken person so starting a blog never was really something that called to me. Sure, I tried it on for size back when blogging first became a word but that didn’t really work out. I didn’t stick with it. It was literally a blog about nothing and as a result I had nothing to write about so it died a quick and painless death.

So why am I trying again now? Pretty much because I had an itch to, an itch that wouldn’t go away. I’ve been toying with the idea of doing this for about six months now, and every time I tell myself it is crazy that itch comes back. I knew this time my blog had to have a purpose otherwise I would never continue and it would end up in the blog graveyard with what I’m sure are millions of others. The purpose was easy. To my surprise I was finding inspiration almost everywhere. As the title of my blog can tell you I decided my topic was going to be makeup, or all things beauty related. I love makeup and mostly all things girly so it will be easy for me to want to talk about these things.

As far as content, I am going to keep it mostly beauty related. Product reviews, maybe tutorials if I ever muster up the courage for that. I just want to share what I like and what has worked for me, and sometimes what hasn’t worked for me. As far as frequency of posts, I’m not too sure about this either. When I’m not wanting to buy the entire store of Sephora I have a full time job, a toddler, and am planning a wedding. (I told you I was crazy already right?) Because of that I don’t want to make some rigid schedule that I am going to stress over to follow.

As a reader of my first ever real post, thank you! And I hope that you join me on my blogging journey.

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